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With the desire to bring to Vietnamese people standard Dimsum dishes, which are not only beautiful in appearance, perfect in taste but also convenient, Dai Hung Dimsum was born to meet those requirements. The predecessor was a production facility serving some restaurants and outsourcing for other units. After more than 10 years of operation, with passion, enthusiasm, the companionship of partners, trust and support of customers, our company has grown more and more widely with a system of super brands. markets, restaurants and franchise chains across the country. Our areas of activity include: - About production: Dai Hung Food focuses on producing items such as: Dimsum, moon cakes, cookies, spring rolls, sausages, and pellets - Commercial: Dai Hung Dimsum restaurant system and Dai Hung Dimsum supermarket system were born, success is the highlight to explode our Dai Hung franchise business chains. - In terms of training and consulting: Dai Hung Food is also an expert in the field of consulting and designing industrial kitchens for manufacturing enterprises and restaurants.

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